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The Power of Personalization

Marketing experts agree that when you personalize a marketing message, you increase its effectiveness. And that’s why PURLs (personalized URLs, like www.joedoe.specialoffer.com) now play a key role in many marketing programs. Read more about PURLs. 


QR Codes Marry Print with Mobile Marketing

How do you get your marketing messages into the hands of your target audience when they're on the go? Consider QR (Quick Response) codes. Learn more about what QR codes are and what they can do for you.


12 Keys to Unlock the Power of Direct Mail
Direct mail is one of the most powerful marketing strategies because it is one of the most measureable. Having been tested for decades, solid standards have emerged. Knowing these key principles can take a good mailing to great. Learn how to make your direct mail more powerful.

Limit the Guesswork in Marketing
Direct mail or email. Yellow Pages or banner advertising. Radio or newspaper. Sprinkle in the pressure to get into social media and it's enough to make your head spin.

When divvying up your marketing dollars, how can you be sure you'll end up with the right mix of strategies and tactics to sell, inspire or recruit? Read more about "Planning for Growth," "Web Design Checklist" and "Brochures That Sell."